Revised Syllabus and Updated Information

The syllabus  for this semester has been revised. Some things have been adjusted so that we fit everything that is required into this semester. Please download it, read it to make you sure you understand and ask any questions you may have.


Going forward, all classes will be held online, here on OpenLab and on Blackboard. I submitted everyone’s name who responded to my last post and email about your computer needs. If you didn’t respond, I assume you don’t need help with a laptop. If you would still like to submit your name you can do so on your own.  They will distributed on a start come first serve basis, of hopefully you responded to the request when I asked.

Class Meeting

Each week, on Friday morning, 8am – 9:30am we will meet via ZOOM. Our meetings will resume this Friday, April 3rd. The day before you will receive a ZOOM invite and reminder, so please remember to check. your email. We will review reading topics, have a new lecture discussion, etc. Attendance is not optional but is part of your grade. Discussion participation will also be expected. If you don’t understand the Recalibration Period, you can read the information from the Chancellor.

School Calendar Update

The college has update school academic calendar so please note, there has been an adjustment in Spring Break. It is now April 8-10. Dates for withdrawal have been adjusted and dates to register for the next semester are listed.

Other Resources and Tools

There is a list of resources and tools that have been collected for you on the CUNY website. You will need to follow thru on the items that will be beneficial to you.

If you need Adobe Creative Cloud access on your computer, download the PDF with the instructions. If you find yourself having problems, contact the Student Helpdesk: 

Office Hours

Any student needing a one-on-one with me my do so during my office hours, which are Fridays 9:30am – 10:30am or by appointment for other times.

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