Hello, my name is Professor Mary Brown. Welcome to COMD 1112-Sec OL15, Digital Media Foundations.

Each week, we will meet via ZOOM and discuss key aspects of the communication design industry. During our first class together, we will review together some examples of different areas of visual communications. We will also review the policies of this course and the department, the syllabus, this open lab site, as well as our Blackboard classroom site.

I’ll be asking you to introduce yourself to your classmates and tell me a bit about your background and how you came to be here at CityTech. I’ll also return the favor and provide you some information about my background.

Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions after our class on Tuesday, Sept 1st. I can be reached via email at mbrown@citytech.cuny.edu and my office hours will be held immediately following our class via ZOOM. The day and time may change, but for now we’ll start with that time.

If anyone is having trouble with their campus email, please visit http://cis.citytech.cuny.edu/Student/it_student_email.aspx

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