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Project: Autobiographical Zine

We began this project in class, but here are the details so that you can make certain you stay on track.

  • Your Zine project will be a 12-page booklet, including the cover.
  • It is autobiographical, which means it all about you or some aspect of your life.
  • All of the content must be original. You will  do the writing and the photos or illustrations or graphic elements–do not use images from the internet. That would be copyright infringement.
  • When you set up your pages in InDesign, the measurements are 5.5″x8.5″ (or 33picas x 51picas).
  • You will determine the number of columns are in your grid.
  • When the design is complete, you will assemble the layout for printing, then staple down the center of the spine (to create saddle-stitching).
  • You may print in black and white to save money,  but your design will be in color.
  • After the print version, you will be taking your design and adding interactive elements (video, music, etc) and producing the Zine for tablets.

Cover layout is due for Monday, March 24, 2014.

Here are a couple videos that help you with this project.


It’s Time to Choose a Typeface, So Now What?

As we move into the autobiographical Zine project, you will be putting to use the principals you’ve learned in this course and selecting a typefaces. It is important to select typefaces that work well together and not to get too carried away by using too many.

First, here is an interesting website I came across that is suppose to help designers match typefaces that work well together. It’s described as an online dating site for type. Give it a try, Type Connection, A Typographical Dating Game.

Homework: Reading Assignment for Monday (3/24)

Read the following articles

Homework: Type Book
  • Make corrections to your type book
  • Make sure all of your exercises are complete
Homework: Autobiographical Zine
  • Work on your cover design.
  • You should have your content (photos, illustrations, copy) ready for your magazine. Begin sketching out the order of your content. Bring everything to class. Bring your fonts if you need them also.

Designing a Magazine

magazine-coversFor our next project, you will design an autobiographical magazine. We will refer to it as the Autobiographical Zine project. You will have to create and print a 12-page zine (not including the cover) about yourself. You will be required to use images and all the typographical implementations that we’ve covered so far. You will even include a table of contents and numbered pages (we will get to this in coming weeks).

A site that will be very helpful to you in the next coming weeks is Magazine Designing. You should bookmark this site because we will be referring to it often. There are plenty of tips and tutorials to help you with your design.  I suggest you get started by reading the article Structure of the Magazine.

For class on Monday, March 17th bring a copy of 2 different magazines with you to class and we will begin to take a look at the common elements of magazine design.

Meet the “Font Men”

Gotham is a typeface that is all around you every day. You’ve seen it but probably didn’t notice it. That is one of the things I like about Gotham. It has a strong, clean and simple design that is not over powering. Gotham happens to be one of my favorite typefaces to use—that is really an understatement. I use it on ALMOST every project I work on.  I came across this quick video about the creators of the Gotham typeface and thought it might interesting for you to see the real faces behind some of the fonts you see everyday.