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Everyday typefaces.


This is an example of an Old Style typeface.  This logo has wedged shaped serifs and greater contrast between thick and thin strokes.


This is an example of a san serif font, Helvetica. No serifs, just clean and simple letters.


This is an example of a Modern typeface. A mix of vintage motel neon lights and different fonts. Just one with serif.


This is an example of Blackface typaface. Thick, heavy letters with serifs.


This is an example of Egyptian typeface.  It sign has thick, block-like serifs.

Typography in Alphabet City.

   Living in The Lower East Side of Manhattan I see different forms of typography daily. My neighborhood is very diverse.  In one end you have the NYCHA buildings where most advertisings are done by the local artist named Chico.  Spray painted walls and guerilla art is the cheapest form of getting known around the area. In the other side of town where the more upscale businesses are located the advertising is more “lowkey” or simple.  The neighborhood went from being very dangerous grounds to an artsy fartsy hipster welcoming town in a matter of years. My neighborhood definitely is a mix of old school meets new school. Most of the businesses sell to neighborhood people who have been living there for years and are more comfortable seeing simple, modest advertising then modern types and images.

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