Over the past 5 months from June to November, I worked at Snapchat Inc., as a Quality Assurance (QA) Location Data Entry Specialist. As a part of my internship, I had to complete 120 hours in my position. In my position, I was responsible  for a number data entry and quality assurance tasks. My main goal was to ensue that users had the best experience with the app. Some of my responsibilities included the following:

  • Use Snapchat’s geofencing software tool to create fences around popular businesses and input their information into the Snap Maps database
  • Ensure and review addresses, center points, and geofences were accurate and correct
  • Write instructions for tests and run tests of updated versions of the app to ensue proper functioning and increase user satisfaction
  • Test new features and updates of the app on multiple devices and report/fix any issues with the app
  • Review user feedback and issues reported from users, verify if claims are true or false

Below you will find screenshots of my daily tasks, you can also read and view my weekly status reports that explain my tasks and experience at Snapchat in detail over the course of 8 weeks!


 Platform used to run, review, and sign off on passed/failed routine tests performed on multiple devices

Hydra home page


Passed QA test edit


Example of Instructions on how to test a certain feature of the app for other QA team members

test suite instruction example


Platform used to review, fix, and verify user feedback and reported issues

QA inapproiate screen


Example of a reported issue

reported issue