The Planning and Testing User Documents course outlined aspects of Professional and Technical Writing that deal more with the user or viewer of instructional documentation and digital applications/interfaces. A large part of the course established the importance of a user’s experience with digital applications/interfaces like websites and the content of websites. The course also emphasized creating documentation for users that was precise, thorough, and informative, ¬†while also emphasizing the importance of constantly testing documentation or user interfaces to establish it’s effectiveness.

The assignment linked below was completed in accordance to usability testing. The objective of the assignment was to test a user interface with six to ten college students in order to analyze how easy, effective, and/or useful the interface is. The test resembled a small focus group, each person filled out a pre-test questionnaire about their internet and artistic experiences and were given a small set of tasks to complete using the digital application. Users were encouraged to share their thoughts during and after the test. After the test was complete, the raw data gathered was used to create an analysis report for the digital application. Each document in relation to this assignment is linked below: