• Published Author and Poet of “Saturn coming out of its Retrograde”

I recently published a small book of personal poetry with Headmistress Press, a LGB focused publishing company. My book can be purchased on the Publisher’s site and Amazon! As a creative writer and student of Professional and Technical Writing, this was a great opportunity to wok with publishers and create an amazing end product while gaining insight into the publishing process. This allowed me to put my technical editing and revising skills to the test!

  • Published research essay into the City Tech Writer, Volume 11

During the 2015 Fall semester, “The World’s Largest Playground and Luna Park” a research essay written for my English composition I course, had the honor of being published into the City Tech Writer, a journal of outstanding student writing in all disciplines. The essay explored the history of Coney Island, Brooklyn and argued against commercialization of that specific area using more than five academic sources.

  • Awarded the “Model Mentor of the Year” Award

During my first year as a Peer Mentor at Guttman Community College, CUNY (2017-2018). I was awarded the “Model Mentor of the Year” award for always upholding the Peer Mentoring Program’s values, being available to students, and ensuring and encouraging students’ success.

  • Inducted into the National Society for Leadership and Success and The National Society of Collegiate Scholars

During the 2016 Spring Semester and Fall 2017 Semester, I completed 17 credits and obtained a spot on the Dean’s List for my outstanding academic achievement. In addition to this, I was asked to join the National society for Leadership and Success due to my academic achievements. Official induction took place during the Fall 2016 semester for The National Society of Leadership and Success while, the official induction for the National Society of Collegiate Scholars took place in the Winter of 2017.