Academic Aspirations 

As a full-time student at City Tech, I am majoring in Professional and Technical Writing with a concentration in Psychology. City Tech has become a part of my intellectual home and has been a concrete foundation in allowing me to manifest my academic aspirations. Being apart of the Professional and Technical Writing major has allowed me to realize the professional aspect of writing, that I was unaware of prior. This has inspired me to cultivate and expand my passion of writing through projects such as the Student and Faculty Handbook on First Year Writing Courses (more information available under in Achievements.)

The coursework completed within the major has not only strengthened my communication skills but has also made me realize that obtaining my Bachelors Degree is an extension of my passion for writing. The major and coursework has also made me consider pursuing a PhD in writing or social science. If I decide not to pursue a PhD, I will continue to write academically while making an impact on the field of Technical Writing and Psychology.

Creative and Personal Aspirations

My time within the Professional and Technical Writing major has influenced my creative and personal aspirations because taking courses such as Creative Writing and the History of Modern Art has expanded my sense of creativity, which in turn has pushed me to  be more creative in my degree courses. The Creative Writing course has influenced me to write more poetry and short stories, which has caused me to build the confidence to submit my work into contests.

As for my personal aspirations, they include staying positive about new ideas, new creativity, and experiences. I plan to continue to expand my knowledge and passion for writing inside and outside of City Tech with new work experiences and connections.