Digital Media Foundations Projects

Visual Quote

“I Have a Dream”

I choose to do a Martin Luther King Jr. quote because I have always been inspired by him and his ideals. What he stood is what our society is built upon today and that is equal rights for all and to have a society that is integrated that isn’t biased to one race. “I Have A Dream” is the quote I choose to do as I believe it embodies everything Dr.King stood for and in his speech “I Have a Dream” he talks about integration and equal rights for all. 

5’x 7’ Typeface Brush Script MT “I Have A Dream”.  In this postcard I have MLK placed in front of the American flag with a drop shadow and the word equality in the flag and surrounding him and “I Have a Dream” going to the top right. The drop shadow is meant to represent the populace supporting him in his fight for equality, equality is meant to represent what he is fighting for, and “I Have A Dream” is in that heading towards the top right because he is not only fighting for the right thing be he is succeeding,   

7’x 5’ Typeface Andale Mono “I Have A Dream”. For this postcard “I Have A Dream” is placed with many layers of “I Have A Dream” which are in 4 different colors. The reason for the layers is to represent the many layers that “I Have A Dream” covers and it starts inequality. And the reason for the different colors is to represent the different struggles that the people of color faced.   

5’x 7’ Typeface Phosphate “I Have A Dream”. This postcard is meant to represent the entire Earth screaming “I Have A Dream” and wanting change. And the use of space and stars is meant to represent that you should reach for the stars.