Resource 21: Conducting Primary Research/Interviewing)-OWL

We will look at the following resources in class:
General tips for conducting productive interviews:

Tips for writing better interview questions:

These resources from the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) offer tips for ethical interviewing and tips for setting up and starting your interviews. We will also practice interviewing skills  in class!

Resource 18: “Argument Papers: Rebuttal Sections”-Purdue OWL

Purdue OWL’s section on the “Argument Paper” includes this guideline for the refutation of the opposing view, which this site calls the “rebuttal section.” We will use this process the debate and think about how to effectively process the ideas that arose into writing.

“The Rebuttal Section”

Preparation for Reading Quiz 1

As was mentioned in class, you will have a reading quiz on Thursday, Oct. 5. All of the Resources are available online on our Open Lab site on the Resources Page:

The study questions:

  • After reading “The Gentrification of Gotham” (Resource 12, an online resource) be ready to identify three factors specific to the borough you live in or have a personal connection.
  • After reading, “Comptroller Examines Uneven Economic Growth in Gentrifying Neighborhoods” (Resource 13), be ready to identify what Scott Stringer identifies as his “main message.” What does the city need to focus on?
  • After reading “Five Myths about Gentrification” (Resource 14), convey in your own words the “Five Myths” identified by Lance Newman.
  • There will also be an analysis based question that will ask you take a stance on an issue regarding gentrification. By reading the essays and remembering the videos we watched in class by Stacy Sutton (Resource 15)  and Sharon Zukin (Resource 16) ,you will be prepared for this essay. You can also review these videos.

Resource 15: “What We Don’t Understand about Gentrification”-TEDTalks with Stacy Sutton

This TED Talk by Dr. Stacey Sutton, a professor at Columbia University, specifically identifies gentrification as a “social justice problem” in New York City and offers ideas for ways to address the issues that arise.

“What We Don’t Understand about Gentrification” by Stacey Sutton on TedTalks.


Resource: “Still Questioning Whether College is Worth It? Read This”

This Washington Post article, “Still Questioning Whether College is Worth It? Read This,” was published in July 2016. We will discuss this in class and consider Danielle Douglas-Gabriel’s ideas as you are working on Essay 2, which asks you to think critically about your values and life choices and the degree you are currently completing.