Resource 15: “What We Don’t Understand about Gentrification”-TEDTalks with Stacy Sutton

This TED Talk by Dr. Stacey Sutton, a professor at Columbia University, specifically identifies gentrification as a “social justice problem” in New York City and offers ideas for ways to address the issues that arise.

“What We Don’t Understand about Gentrification” by Stacey Sutton on TedTalks.


Essay 2: Sample Thesis Statements

Here are two thesis statements the class came up with for Essay 2.

My current major at City Tech is mechanical engineering. I believe finishing this degree will qualify me for a better job position in my field and also will give me a chance to explore other aspects of the career while I am taking courses these next four years.

My current major at City Tech is mechanical engineering. Because this career field has potential to make a good salary, I believe finishing this program will allow me to get a good job and enable me to have enough money to raise a family and stay in New York City.


Resource: “Still Questioning Whether College is Worth It? Read This”

This Washington Post article, “Still Questioning Whether College is Worth It? Read This,” was published in July 2016. We will discuss this in class and consider Danielle Douglas-Gabriel’s ideas as you are working on Essay 2, which asks you to think critically about your values and life choices and the degree you are currently completing.


Career Assessment Program and Counseling Office Visit

Today, Cynthia Bink from Counseling Services spoke about the many services available through the College’s Counseling Center, including individual counseling and workshops available to facilitate better adjustment to college life. We spoke most, however, about the Career Assessment tools available online at in their offices. In addition to leaving handouts, you were all guided to the online career assessment tool SIGI3. You can go to the link below and click on SIGI. If you did not get the passcode in class, email me to get this. (I don’t want to post it online.)

As instructed in class, as you plan and do personal research for Essay 2, you will be required to complete the surveys on SIGI that evaluate four aspects of your interests and values.

  • Under the category “Surveys” are four categories: Values, Interests, Personality, and Skills.
  • In each category there are three activities: Pairs, Cards, and Quick Picks.
  • As you take the assessments (remember they are not “tests”), write down a few notes to help you remember the experience of taking them.

After you have completed these activities look at the areas of interests suggested in your results and consider how your current career and life goals relate or don’t relate to these assessments. Do you agree with the results you got? Do you feel like you need to reassess?

In today’s discussion,  we talked about how personal values can affect career choices. We’ve also discussed how family members have opinions that need to be considered but ultimately your college career is your own and you should approach it that way.