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Whats Gooodie!!!!

Hi! My name is Brandon Padovano and im a college student in City Tech.  Im 18 and a funny, laid back person.  I like to go to the movies, play video games, basketball and workout.  I really like that im honest and straight forward and not afraid to speak my mind.

On the right there also is a little paragraph that says what I believe.

What more can i say about me?..hmmmmmm well i wanna be a video game designer and animation movie designer as well.  Pretty much why i am in this major.  It will set the path fro me.  I would like in the future to start my own firm or company for video games and animated movies.  I have a passion for it and hope i will complete it.

In my website you will find a lot of work and projects i have done myself throughout the school semester.  Plenty of cool things were created in this class and I’m proud to share it with you.

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