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  1. Darren Rohitsingh

    I think WeBWorK is okay but still needs improvements on the similarities between the course work covered in class and tests.

  2. Robert F

    WebWork takes to long to complete, and has to many questions per HW. This comment might sound like your typical complaint. However i beg to differ. I’m a full time student and work full time right after school hours. It takes me personally 2-3 hours to complete one HW assignment. With a very tight nit scheduled, the only time I have to do these long HW is during my limited personal time. Getting home from a long active day around 10 pm, I have only a few hours left in the day to get chores and HW done, but if HW takes 2 hours to finish, the chores will piling up at home and sets me back in getting ready for the next day. Its an inconvenience. WW counts as 15% of the total grade average. If its not done I’m already set up to any have a 85% grade, and that’s if I’m an ideal student. I could not be the only student with this issue, and its not fare. Bills need to be payed, tuition needs to be payed. Its simply an unnecessary added stress to life. In conclusion I’m not saying get rid of WW. What i am saying is limit how long it takes to complete an assignment. HW is not class work, it shouldn’t take 2-3 hours to complete. Class is 2 hours long already.

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