Sessions #24 & #25

On Tuesday 12/12 we covered:

  • material from Sessions #24 and #25, Geometric Sequences and the Binomial Theorem
  • final exam review questions #15 a), b), #16 a), b) and #17 a)
  • for homework do questions #15 c), #16 c), d) and #17 b)
  • on Thursday 12/14 there will be an extra credit quiz, final exam review and breakfast, please be on time!
  • an EXTRA final exam review has been scheduled for Thursday 12/14 from 12 – 1:15 pm, room will be announced

Session 23 – 12/05/2017

For today’s class we covered:

  • the Fibonacci sequence
  • the definitions of sequences and series, along with examples
  • examples of arithmetic and geometric series
  • “sigma” notation and partial sums, the partial sums of the Fibonacci sequence and their relation to the sequence itself

We also watched a short video about the Fibonacci sequence found here.

Exam #4 and Extra Credit Assignment

Exam #4 will be on Thursday 11/30.

For extra credit counting as one perfect quiz grade (10/10) post 1 complete correct solution to a Sample Exam #4 problem, or, 1 complete correct solution to a part of question #10 or #11 (for example #10 a) or #11 c)) from the MAT 1375 Final Exam Review. Both the exam reviews can be found under “Files” on this site. You may upload a clear photo of your work, or type the solution.

Prof. Bonanome