Three Dimensional Shapes

This project was the first project where it was required to be digital, we used illustrator to create three dimensional shapes and we took the time to experiment on how it works after we had to make an image where the color use is cohesive. Since this class focuses on maintaining our work abstract I focused on making the shapes unified rather than focusing on give it a theme. While we were experimenting with shapes we were encouraged to sketch the shapes so we could get a better idea on how shading and perspective may work.

This project helped me learn how to create three dimensional shapes on illustrator and gave me a tool on how to draw outlines of shapes. Using a function that only shows the contour of the shapes and having to sketch them out by hand helped my get a better idea on how to draw the form in different perspectives as well as learning how to shade better and seeing of changing how the shape faces the light source may change the color value.