Texture Collage

For this project we were asked to collect images that displayed texture, items that had texture, and texture we made ourselves after that we were asked to arranged them in a manner that made it cohesive or connected in some form. I collected magazine clippings that were parts of clothing photographs, made rubbings using tracing paper and household items that had texture, along with scraps of cloth and aluminum foil. The structure I had with this work was to break up the collage into small sections that connected to each other, for example the aluminium and magazine clipping to the right were both cut in order to give the illusion of cloth or lace the section on the bottom half of the right side were cut into squares and are overlapped to make it look like they were puzzle pieces

Throughout the project I’ve learned how to attempt to have unity throughout the project in order to not have the viewers eye focus on only one section of the work. I’ve also learned how to combine  and overlap organic and geometric shapes without having the contrast be overwhelming. Also how certain combinations of shapes or strokes can create a texture and how the spacing between shapes and strokes can change the appearance of the texture.