Color Contrast

For this project we used acrylic paint(using only the colors cyan,yellow,magenta,black, and white) then we drew a pattern so we could paint primary, secondary and a monochromatic color scheme of grey. The left side has a dark value where we occasionally mixed the colors with grey and the right side is the lighter tint of the colors. With this project we had to be careful with colors and how they would show on the white paper, what color they would be after it dried, and how it would look like next to the other colors.

During the process of doing this project I was became more aware of how the surrounding colors may affect how dark or light something else may appear, for example, when making the square for light primary colors I had to keep adding white to the pink because it looked darker and more orange compared to the surrounding colors. It also surprised me how much a color would change after adding grey to the point that I thought that I didn’t wash off my brush correctly before painting again. I enjoyed the project,  it helped me learn more about value and tint along with getting me more accustomed to painting.