My name is Briseida Montiel. I’ve been living in New York City for about four years. Living in New York has pushed me even further into the world of art and the loud noise of advertisement. I’m in love with art because just as with poetry, art is an extension of our thoughts. We use it to express the incoherent ideas of our minds to somehow extract the mess taking place in our heads and transform it into something that people can only begin to understand. I’ve been doing art since I was in high school, it was all handmade without any computer program. Nevertheless, it was when I looked at magazines, posters, and advertisement in the trains, walls, cabs, that grabbed my attention and made me want to learn how to use programs in the computer to do art.

Two of my favorite artists of all time are Salvador Dali and Octavio Ocampo. Their art is so bizarre and their style is so quaint and unique compared to other artists of their time. Their paintings are very inspiring to me. On the other hand, artists from my time that also inspire me with their funky and provocative art are James Victore, Tim Burton and graffiti artist Banksy.

I would like to describe my approach to art ‘dauntless’. I never hesitate to break my safety zone inside my mind while I’m working on an artwork. I like people to formulate their own thoughts and ideas about my art without knowing the real meaning or purpose. I think that’s the beauty of art, the way it conveys and communicates an idea to people and how people can see it and understand it differently.

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