Course Experience

Benny Lui
Graphic Design Principle

Over the time I have been in Graphic design principles one I have accumalated and strengthen my artistic skills. One of these artistic skills I have strengthened are my eyes. They have gotten stronger because I needed to constantly tell the difference between a sixteenth of an inch or a thirty two of an inch. Now I am able to easily tell the difference between those two. Another skill I have strengthened is my perception of color. I can notice the subtle changes of color or tones a certain color. The most important skill I have learned in Graphic design principles one is working with my hands. Everything taught in Graphic design principles are the basics, all the projects needed to be done by hand so we can take the time to experience the things we are doing instead using the computer and doing it in a couple of minutes technically. For example when making the monochrome pattern I learned the significance of tension, if the gap in between the shapes was too large it would not work. The gap needed to be precisely a sixtyfourth of an inch to have an impact. When making my final project I also used the same technique to bring tension between the leaf and the earth. Since I have learned the basics first it will translate a lot easier to the computer. Not only did I strengthen my skills, I also learned valuble things that can improve how I present to others. Such as knowing that people are not looking at me but the thing I have made. In addition to being agreeable and always keeping an attentive expression on every project. These will all help me look professional during a presentation. Everything I learned in Graphic design principles has strengthened my artistic skill and will prove to be useful professionally.


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