Student ePortfolios

Understanding ePortfolios (for faculty)

Faculty using ePortfolios in their courses can help students build their ePortfolios by choosing their best work to showcase and encouraging them to establish connections between their coursework and the professional skills they will need when they graduate.

Rather than having multiple ePortfolios for different courses, students will create a single ePortfolio that they can develop and contribute to throughout their City Tech career.  This means that if you are teaching with ePortfolios, some students in your course may already have set up ePortfolios on their own or in another course while others may not yet have one.

Accessing your Students’ ePortfolios

When a student joins your course their ePortfolio will show up as a link in Course Profile. You may add a similar feature to your Course Site using the Portfolio List widget. If an ePortfolio is public, it can be viewed by anyone.  However, if an ePortfolio is private, you will need to request membership, or ask your student to invite you to join the ePortfolio.