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Table of Contents Plus Plugin

This plugin allows users to create an index or table of contents (TOC) for pages on a WordPress site, which will look similar to the TOC on a Wikipedia page. This TOC allows you to jump to a section on your page, because the table titles are hyperlinked.

1. First, activate Table of Contents Plus under Plugins in the left-hand menu of your Dashboard.

2. Let’s say you have a page or post with information separated by titles, like this page:

Table of Contents Plus help step 1

To create a table of contents for the different sections of your page, navigate to the page by going to Dashboard > Pages > All Pages, find the page you want, and click Edit. Highlight each title, one at a time:

Table of Contents Plus help step 2

Select the dropdown menu that says Paragraph and choose a heading. We chose Heading 3 here, but you can choose the heading style that makes sense in your page or post layout. However,  if you have sub-sections of your page and and want these to appear in your TOC, you should choose Heading 1 for the main sections, Heading 2 for any sub-sections under Heading 1, etc. Just consistently format all the titles on your page as headers, as shown below:

Table of Contents Plus help step 3

3. Click Update to save the changes. Now, from your Dashboard you’ll only see the headings and the content on your page, but when you view the page on your site, a Table of Contents has appeared at the top automatically, because the plugin is activated and it knows to create a TOC out of the section titles that you formatted as headings. It will look something like this:

Table of Contents Plus help step 4

Anyone who visits your site can click any of the titles on the TOC and jump to that part of your page. Visitors can also click Hide to temporarily collapse the TOC from their view.

4. In addition, a few options are available to you. Go to Dashboard > Settings and you will see that TOC+ has now appeared there:

Table of Contents Plus help step 5

Be sure to save any change you make to the settings, by scrolling down to the bottom and clicking the blue button Update Options. Again, remember that the TOC will show on your site, but not in your Dashboard where you edit the page.

Here are some setting options that may be useful to you:

  • You can choose for your site to create TOC out of headers in your posts as well as your pages. To do this, go to Dashboard > Settings > TOC+ > Main Options > Auto insert for the following content types, and check the Posts box > Update Options.
  • You can choose where the TOC should appear. (The default setting is a logical one: The TOC appears at the top, before the first heading on your page or post.)
  • Also by default, your site pages will automatically create a TOC as soon as you have four headings on a page, but you can change that number as well.
  • Another useful setting is to uncheck the box that says Number list items. Doing so will make your TOC look like this:

Table of Contents Plus help step 6

It is useful to know that you can, alternatively, activate this plugin after you have created headings, because activating the Table of Contents Plus Plugin will create a TOC to existing content as well as to new content.