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CubePoints (Plugin)

CubePoints is a way of awarding points, to users for participating in your site–users have a great deal of control over what sorts of activities are worth points, and how many each activity is worth.  We see this plug-in as particularly useful for student clubs and other school projects which have fewer inherent incentives to participation than courses.  If you connect points to real-world prizes, or even just honorary titles, you might find your users are more active.

The plug-in itself is quite simple:  it keeps track of each user’s activity, allows for a “leaderboard” on the site home-page, and gives the administrator many specific options, making it very customizable.

To use it, first activate CubePoints under Plugins in the left-hand menu of your Dashboard.

1. Once activated, you’ll see CubePoints appear near the bottom of that left-hand column, along with several options for managing the plug-in.  Most of these are self-explanatory, but we draw attention to Configure, which pulls up the screen pictured below.

2. There are a few things on this page you might want to adjust.  One is changing the Suffix for the display of points.  The default is “dollars,” which many users might find a little too materialistic for the college setting–you can change it to anything you like.  Here we chose “points.”

Also note that you can exclude users from the point system–this is especially good if one user (usually the admin) does the vast majority of the posting on the site.

CubePoints configuration screenshot

3. The only other thing you’ll want to do is give users a way to monitor their own points and have an idea of where they “rank” in terms of site activity.  You can do that by going to Appearance > Widgets and moving the two CubePoints widgets into an active sidebar, header or footer.

CubePoints widgets screenshot

Let us know if you have any questions!