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The comments function is a central feature to many OpenLab sites, from courses, projects, and clubs to portfolios.  Until recently, site members couldn’t edit their comments if, for example, they rethought what they had said, had something additional to add, or even just misspelled something.  The “Ajax Edit Comments” plugin addresses this issue, allowing comments to be edited for a set length of time (the administrator of the site can set that time length); it also has a spell check feature.

1. Once you’ve activated the plugin, users who post a comment will see–depending on how long the administrator sets it for–an editing interface.  Clicking there will allow users to edit the message, the username, etc.  And they also will see a button which will allow them to request deletion.

ajax edit comments screenshot 1

2. Options such as length of time users have to edit can be changed by the administrator by going to Dashboard > Plugins > Ajax Edit Comments and clicking Settings.   Please note: this is not a common place to find plugin settings, so don’t forget that it’s here!

ajax edit comments screenshot 2

3. In addition, the administrator can edit all users’ comments on the site, and will find a more robust set of editing options for published comments on the Dashboard, including an editing interface and a way to adjust comment dates and times.

ajax edit comments screenshot 3

ajax edit comments screenshot 4

ajax edit comments screenshot 5

There’s more information on how to use the plugin in the video below.