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My mom’s side of families are very judgmental and strict. Whenever we have some sort of family gathering, they always have some negative comments about what i wear. On hot days when it feels like its over 100 degree Fahrenheit, I like to wear shorts with crop top or tube top. When they see me with that type of clothes on, they always have something to say. I have many little cousins who likes to be around me and play. One day one of my uncle who has 2 daughters said that he does not want his daughter to be like me just because of how I dress. That was one of the worst thing i ever heard from my relatives. And that really hurt my feelings.

kalden k

The high school that i went to, where each year all the student have to write a research paper. Each year they gave us 4 different topics and each students can pick the topic they like. Three months before it is due different subject teacher goes over different topics for the research paper. Review of the research paper topics starts on january and the final paper is due April.  After i picked my topic that i was gonna do i always procrastinate because i know that i have a lot of time to do it. But at the end of March i still didn’t finish doing my research about my topic. Week before its due i would start typing my final paper which was really stressful. And i learn my lesson that you should always take advantage of the time you have.

Kalden k

I chose the image because i like the history of the Taj Mahal. It is one of my favorite vacation destination with my family. We all got to learn the history of this and got to see the translucent white marbles. And i would definitely go back there again.