Boy and Girls Taught Separate

According to “Boys and Girls Together, taught Separately in School” by Jennifer Medina she argues for boys and girls to be taugh in single sex classes because of decreasing test scores and behavioral problems. I respectfully disagree with what was said because there are far more things that could cause a decrease in test scores or behavioral problems.

In the text it states “boys particularly those from low income families, tend to focus better without girls around.” I would like to respectfully disagree, since I already come from a “low income household”. I can be the first to tell you while sitting next to one of the smartest girls back in my 5th grade Math class. She was extremely helpful whenever I missed out on information for the class. She would be able to provide me with notes or even willing to stay after school to study. This clearly shows boys from low income families may work better with girls and there may also be another reason for the behavioral problems and decrease in test scores.

In addition, Jennifer Medina states “A boy who has never been beaten by a girl on an Algebra test could have major problems having a female supervisor.” I would like to start off by saying that’s an absurd comment made by the author. There is no legit reason to believe that because i’m a boy that was simply beaten on an Algebra test I’ll have difficulty with a female supervisor. I’ve personally been dominated in comparison with girls who do really well on Algebra test but I have yet to allow that misachievement to get in the way of my friendships with girls.

In conclusion, I refuse to agree with Jennifer Medina while she argues for single sex classes. Since, she tells us there is no academic research to prove that single sex classes improve test scores and behavioral problems.

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