Mystical & Magical- Kathleen

I walked down this path, and it’s a tunnel covered in sunlight and green leaves; only a railroad is left to be seen almost covered in leaves. As I walk further down from a distance I see a white deer, it raises its head to see me,and bounces straight towards me. I’m scared but the deer brings an alluring feeling; composed enough I let the curious deer come near me. I stuck my finger out, giving it the permission to smell me, as it reaches to smell my finger with it’s pointy nose I see a white flash. The flash turned everything around me into white for 4 seconds, as the white faded I was left at the same spot but the tunnel of leaves now had Rock-trumpet flower’s, and my clothing was changed as well. I wore a long dress white at the end and shades of blue at the top with a flower crown placed on my head. I looked around to find the deer, but it was no where to be found. While I kept walking, almost getting to the end of the tunnel, flower petals and little birds came flying and chirping. I closed my eyes and I was already out of the tunnel; I look behind me and the deer was there in the tunnel staring at me, it bows it’s head and walks away. From a distance I see trees and a waterfall, as I walk towards the waterfall; little animals like squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, and little birds come out from there hiding spot and follow me to the waterfall. somehow I felt that the waterfall was home, as I slowly went into the water I was capable of breathing underwater, I saw fishes swim around me and lead me to a curly leaf pondweed bed. Two seahorse’s stood beside me while I lay down to sleep.

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