tag your it

Elementary school, the last time school was really fun. It was a hot summer day, we were out in the yard for recess. We played everything, tag, asses up, kick the can, man hunt, and red light green light; also I can’t forget we played all sports, ALL. This one day we decided to play tag. Our favorite place to play, was in the ally way. For some reason the teachers didn’t monitor us there as much. The fence and the step was the base, and if you went out the yard you would be “it.” I remember holding on to the fence as the “it” chased after someone. I made a mad dash to free someone, when a foot came out of nowhere. Head down on my hand and knees, I remember wanting to find out who tripped me. As I raised me head all I heard was oooo, ahhhhs, and omg. I remember wiping my face thinking it was sweat, but my hand was the brightest red I had ever seen. One kid said your blood splashed me when you picked your head up. The whole time I’m thinking I cant be hurt I’m not in pain nor was I crying. As the teachers arrived, one  grabbed a shirt and held it to my face, and rushed me to the nurses office. As the nurse removed the shirt of my face in the bathroom that is when the pain kicked in. I started crying instantly. The nurse then handed me a phone, when I answered it was my dad; which, made me cry even more. When my dad arrived he took me to the hospital. Seventeen stiches later and a scare for life I went back in search to find the foot. Not one person seen who the foot belonged to. But I did get the t-shirt with my blood on it from when I picked up my head and sprayed everyone around.


The one and only Maracas Beach. As a child growing up, I remember going almost every weekend. The drive through the mountain shows a breath taken view of the island that is imprinted in my brain. As you get to the top of the mountain, your ears begin to ring because of the altitude. That’s when you know your halfway there. Down the winding road overlooking the side of the mountain, you begin to see the coconuts trees as they line the road. The smell of the sea and the aroma from all the food huts tells you we’re here.  From Africans to Indians, Spanish to Asians dancing to the music, as they bombard the “Bake and Shark” hut. In the parking lot the music is so loud, you can’t hear the siren of the police car as it passes by. With your tired feet, and full belly, you make a mad dash for the water. Some how it rejuvenates your soul. Maybe its the salt from the water or the sand between your toes, I always leave, feeling like a new person. The one place that is a must when I go back home. It brings back many memories and good times that will last a life time.


“Success is taken not given” its a must that you “work hard” ,and “study hard.” A “positive mind results in a positive life” and never forget to “have faith” ,and “believe in God” he will show you the right path for success. “Know what you want in life” and make sure to “set goals,” also “never say never” “never give up” and “don’t stop pushing yourself to be the best.” To be successful you must “follow your heart” “believe in yourself” and always “aim for the stars.” “Keep your eyes on the prize” and try to “live love and laugh” it will make it a pleasant journey. “Don’t cry over spilled milk” impossible to “erase your past” so “the past is the past” “never make the same mistake twice.” you know the saying “fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.” “Don’t worry be happy” success will come “follow your dreams” “try and try again” because “practice makes perfect.” Make sure to “always be polite” and “love each other” it will lead you on the right path for success. “If you want something you have to ask nicely” “talk less and listen more” and “if you cry you get nothing” more importantly “if you say something mean it” “no question is the only bad question” so take all information and eat it up. “Enjoy your life while your young” don’t forget that “blood is thicker than water” and “family over friends” but always remember to “feed your hunger” and then if you “work hard play harder” hopefully I have laid a foundation that you two can follow and supersede in days to come.


  1. A smart Indian, one who is able to share their thoughts freely and openly; Outspoken, Opinionated, and, Direct are traits all races should embrace. As individuals we will be able to communicate without the fear of ridicule from other races.  Indian children are embraced and accepted for their failures from the non-Indian counter parts.
  2. Embracing yourself with an immense education will set you up for great success in life. Reading anything and everything imaginable. The author has a substantial love and devotion to better himself and not to worry what others perceive of you.
  3. Following in the footsteps of a great roll model. With a love and passion to elevate your education to the highest level. One is bound for glory. Believe in yourself and don’t let anyone corrupt your mental state with negative aspirations.
  4. A paragraph is sentences formed, to expose a particular point or idea. “Fences ” is an excellent metaphor that helped me to better understand and how to properly use a paragraph. To me a paragraph is like “a deep breath.” One initial purpose to relieve your lungs, as an author describes one specific theme.

Let kids be kids

Class time over free time, is the direction our society is heading. In the article “Playtime is Over,” author David Elkind discusses, the over-programming our children are enduring. The elimination of recess, in favor of more academic time. Elkind feels kids are experiencing over-scheduling; furthermore, suggest that the hiring of recess coaches will aid in the personal development of our children. I believe that kids need unstructured play. We can’t learn everything from books; therefore, kids just need to be kids.

“The Culture of Childhood” is slipping through our fingers. This is when one generation passes on a song, riddle, game, and also rhymes on to the next generation. Hide-and-seek and Old McDonald are examples, that date back hundreds of years. One day, after school my son started singing a song. It was catchy and very easy to learn.” There is Sunday, then there is Monday. Tuesday and there is Wednesday. Thursday and there is Friday, and then there is Saturday. Days of the week. Days of the week. Days of the week.” Thanks to that song my kids rapidly learned the days of the week. Wishing I learned that song as a child, it would’ve made learning the days of the week much easier. When I asked him where he heard that song he replied “the playground.”

University of Michigan found, that children lost eight hours of unstructured play, and that number is increasing rapidly. Studies show that physically fit kids tend to score highest on tests. Why should we subject our kids to the four walls of a classroom, when they learn and become healthier while on recess. As I think back to my past, my generation was “always outside.” From the time we woke up until it was time to go to sleep. We almost always found ourselves having altercation in which we had to settle on our own. Modern day kids, want to stay inside, watch television, play video games, and more consistently surf the web. I believe we learn easier from the mistakes we make. Interacting with others help is to find new, different, and easier ways to make learning fun and enjoyable.

There are many ways we learn things growing up. The vast majority comes from books, and the  class room; although, the more important lessons come from our peers. Recess and free time is the best and easiest way for our children to learn. Not only do they become healthier from all the outdoor activities they tend to learn the important life lessons in the yard. We learn from our mistakes, and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Feelings and emotions can be learned from a book; however, Love and Hate, Happy and Mad are better thought in the yard.


Headed down a road of apocalyptic destruction. My life has made a turn for the worst. Working at a low paying, dead end job. Partying and drinking took all of my time and lots of my money. I knew if something didn’t change soon I would end up on the street or in jail. It all began to change, the first time he grabbed my finger and wouldn’t let go.

My son has motivated and inspired me more than anyone I can remember. I strive to be the best that I can be so he has a positive roll-model to look up to. He mimics my every move. From the words that I use, to the actions that I make. I want to provide him with the best opportunity so he can have a successful life. I never thought anyone would be able to give me more strength and hope than he was. That is until his sister joined the club. The two joys of my life, that changed me for the better; never had a clue what they were doing.

Carlos Mejia ~ The Sheep

When I was a child my favorite possessions was always my stuffed animals. I don’t know what it was about them but i have always loved them. Sadly i can only remember a couple from when i was small. I remember having a blue dinosaur, but unfortunately when i took it to New Jersey I lost it. I also remember having a grey whale – named Willy – but one day it ripped and i was unable to repair it, so i had to throw it away. I remember one more stuffed toy and that was a turtle. This one I always kept replacing with a new one; until maybe like 3 years ago, i haven’t gotten a new one since. As time passed, the stuffed toys got older and older, so i threw them away and replaced them with a new ones, until now. I now have a new favorite stuffed animal; Its a giant stuffed sheep. My girfriend gave it too me for Christmas, so it means alot; but that’s not the only reason it means alot. One day, she and I went to Time Square to just look around the stores. We went into the big Toy’s “R” Us and thats where I find it. It was just so adorable and fluffy, and i wanted it. later on got it for Christmas. That Toy’s “R” Us has always been my favorite of all time. My parents would always take me there to buy my toys, but i would always be afraid to go by the big T-rex. So I have a bunch of memories in that Toy’s “R” Us; unfortunately the Toy’s “R” Us has closed down for good. So the sheep that my girlfriend gave me is the very last thing that I have or ever will get from that specific Toy’s “R” Us; which makes it super speacil to me. This time my stuffed sheep isn’t going anywhere; I’m going to try to keep it new for as long as I can.

Prized Possessions

Materialistic belongings, that significantly impact our lives . People tend to hold on to things that bring them comfort and joy. We all have things we value and cherish, that we can’t and won’t do without. As children we tend to hold onto our toys, books, pacifiers, clothes, blankets, and the list goes on and on.

As a child my favorite possession was my baby pillow. The old, ripped and stained pillow case with the McDonalds characters on it was my everything. This was my magical pillow. You wanted me to sleep just give me my pillow. Wouldn’t go to sleepovers without it. Funny thing is that I didn’t even put it under my head. I would curl it up with one hand and the other hand I would suck my thumb. Recently I found this pillow that my mom has been saving for years. I tried to introduce it to my kids but neither found any interest in my magical pill.

No more magical pillow and now I’m obsessed with video games. It all began with my Nintendo. From Mario to Zelda and everything in-between I was officially hooked. It seems like every year a new system would come out and of course I needed them all. Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Game boy, Wii, X-box and last but not least PlayStation 1,2,3,and 4. I got my PlayStation before they went on sale in the US. My brother brought mine back from Japan when he finished his tour for the Marines. That was the best gift I ever got. All my friends would want to come over to play. We would stay up all hours of the night planted to the TV, that is until mom came and kicked everyone out. Now, all that my PlayStation is good for is watching DVDs. That is if it even works with all the dust that has collected on it.

Now my favorite possession is my surname. Nykin means the world to me. My Dad was a sibling of 6 kids. 4 girls and 2 boys. My uncle was divorced and his only child was a girl that took her mothers last name. That leaves me, my brother, and my sister being that last of the Nykin name. My sister has 1 son and his last name is Vasquez. Now that leaves all the pressure for my brother and I to carry on our last name. He is married with 2 beautiful girls and 1 more on the way. Yes 3 girls good luck bro. That leaves it all to me. Thankfully I was blessed with 1 boy and 1 girl. My kids don’t know the significance of their last name yet but as they get older I will encourage they keep the name going for a long time.

Try hard you can be whatever you want to be; focus in school you can do better stop letting people distract you in class stay focus on the teacher and not on your friends; your friends won’t be there if you have to repeat the class and they don’t; go to school to learn stop playing around in class and pay attention to what’s going around I want you to do what’s best for yourself; keep pushing to be the best in your class ; you can be the best in your class just try harder; if you put your mind to it you can be the best me and mommy want wants best for you keep pushing don’t give up you can get it done; stop settling for less in your class you can be the best just act like you know what you doing do your home; review stuff you did at school stop letting your friends distract from what you go to school to do; school is for learning go to school to better yourself not play around playing is for after you get out of school you can be number one in your class if your tried; just try harder and stop being lazy

Take My Advice – Dina Cantor

” Know you’re worth” “if he respects you, he wouldn’t make you do that” “school comes first always ” “you’re too young to date” ” focus on school and not guys” “you’ll have time for guys later” ” trust me I’ve been there I know” “be happy it was nothing serious” “better safe than sorry” “should have listened to me” “did he use protection” “guys come and go but family doesn’t” “that’s what they all say” ” you deserve better” “once it’s gone it’s gone forever” “respect yourself” “did you catch feelings for him” “be the bigger person” “god sees everything” “I wish I was like you” “suck it up and don’t complain” “you’re amazing ” “I’ll be there ” ” you’re so close don’t give up” “I believe in you” “thing’s aren’t the same anymore” “you’re a little weird” “off the phone” ” nothing comes easy” “I want you to enjoy your youth” “enjoy being single” “but you need a degree” “you’re beautiful” “you’ll thank me later” “nothing last forever” ” it’s me not you” ” but we can still be friends” “kill them with kindness” “worry about yourself” “he seems different this one” ” guys only want one thing from you” ” they all lie” “they’re all the same” ” focus on school and not guys” ” act like you don’t care” “take things slow” “get to know him first” ” you need to be realistic” ” you won’t be able to do it” “you’ll end up like your sisters” ” you’re different” ” you got this” ” I wanna see you happy” ” watch it be too much to handle” “but you like your freedom too much” ” you’re gonna regret this later watch” .