“Success is not final;
Failure is not fatal;
It is the courage to continue, that counts”

— Winston S. Churchill

Hi everyone,

This is QUAZI HEDAYET. I am born and raised in Bangladesh. I have been living here since the past few years in this country, United States of America. Here I live in Bronx, NY and I really like New York because of its environment and atmosphere. 

I am doing 4 years Bachelor program in this college (New York City College of Technology). My major subject is Computer Information System (CIS). It is my 3rd year running in this college. I have already completed my AAS degree and now pursuing bachelor’s degree. I am always excited about to learn more, so I am continuing my study. My aim is to be working under Networking field and hopefully, I would be able to achieve my success graduating from this college. Everyone should have a goal to lead a better life in future or to do something on what people are good at and I believe I am one of them and I am trying to reach to my success.

My hobbies are like playing soccer, traveling when I can afford the expenses, listening musics, learning new things, gossiping etc. I used to work in a food store as a cashier, so I have a bit of customer service experience. Since I got admission in this college (NYCCT) and started studying over here, I started working with the MasterCard company as a part-time data analyst to maintain my family and other expenses. I love my parents a lot and I believe everyone must love theirs, they are the world that is why we are here today.

Thank you !!!