Introduction Vasyl Yakovishak

Hello everyone, My name is Vasyl Yakovishak . I was born in Ukraine and than moved to Brooklyn when I was 13 years old. My education path started at Kingsborough as Web Development and after two years i transferred to City Tech and switch my major to Computer Systems with a focus on Software Engineering because I understood that creating programs brings me more fun and interest.

I work at Geek Squad at front desk helping people with their technical problems that they may have with their phone, computers, laptops, etc. Apart from programming and working, I start learning about financial world to be more specific about cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency give to me so much fun and made me to dive deep in financial world and how everything operates because of that I start reading more book such as Think Fast And Slow, Atomic Habits, Rich Dad And Poor Dad, etc. because those books would help me to understand people on the market and how they going to move their money, etc. Right now for some people is just a hype and they trying to make quick money but most of those people going to loose them without having financial education and after that happened they would leave market sad and angry but for me cryptocurrency is for long term.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    That’s a fascinating field that I know absolutely nothing about. And it’s always nice to have somebody from the Geek Squad in class :-).

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