Yemisi Onayemi

Hi class,

My name is Yemisi Onayemi, I am a senior at City Tech and my major is computer systems technology. I am originally from Lagos, Nigeria and I’ve been in the United States for almost 10  years. I recently stopped working as a Data Analyst for a Non-profit in Brooklyn, and will be starting a new role next Monday as a Software Engineer for a company called Bevy Labs. Bevy is an Enterprise virtual conference and event community software. In my previous role, I worked with some python, a UDP(Unified Development Platform) that helps us perform in depth data analysis and I performed technical training for other employees. In the last four months, I was enrolled in a Software Engineering Fellowship that provides in-depth technical training and technical interviewing skills for underrepresented students of color who have either graduated with a computer science degree or have graduated from a software engineering bootcamp before. The fellowship also helps  to connect students with companies hiring entry level  software engineering roles.

Apart from programming, I love to sing, act and cook. I enjoy medieval fantasy series and hope to be in movies some day. I do not enjoy writing unfortunately but I look forward to doing my best and finishing the class as fast as we can. I also hope to graduate next Spring. The Image I posted below is my simple vision board and it means so much to me because it has kept me focus on my goals and the thing I wrote on it.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Wow! You’re a busy person, and I’m very impressed by all you’ve done. And you know what? Vision boards are so powerful! I can’t see all of yours, but I love “live victoriously.” What great advice. Glad to have you in the class!

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