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Hello everyone. My name is Shibin Joseph. I am a senior electrical engineering technology student. I have an interest in learning how things work and look for ways to repair things. I would consider myself as a DIY type of person. For instance, my bathroom sink had a blocked drain. I began by inspecting around the sink, making note of all the plumbing connections, then I searched for a YouTube clip related to that problem , went to the hardware store to purchase a drain snake. Fortunately, it was a straight forward fix. l just needed to unhook the stopper, have the water running, insert the snake and just push out the debris out of the trap until water was flowing through the drain pipe without any resistance. Another example would be me fixing my gas powered string trimmer. After years of use, there was starting and idling issues. I would be in the middle of cutting my grass and the engine would shut off randomly. Before attempting to fix it, I watched a YouTube clip and understood that it was due to an unclean carburetor and spark plug. Again, I went to the hardware store purchased a few things, dismantled the machine, cleaned it thoroughly and it started working like it came out of the box without any issues. Apart from that, I also enjoy playing the pipe organ. I am currently practicing Bach’s chorale music which is very challenging.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Oh my goodness — Bach on a pipe organ! I love Bach’s chorale music, but it is indeed very challenging. I’m very impressed!

    And what would we do without YouTube videos :-).

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