(Video) Sen. Gillibrand Floor Speech Calling on Colleagues To Solve Gun Violence Crisis 

Summary: Senator Gillibrand here is on the Senate Floor speaking her mind about gun violence and gives a lot of examples as to why Congress should do something about this situation. She begs congress to do something as she gives examples of mass shootings and children losing their lives. Even a personal story that she shares that targets her audience’s hearts. 

(Video) President Obama Introduces a Plan to Reduce Gun Violence 

Summary: President Obama is speaking in front of Washington D.C. at the capitol delivering a heartfelt message about the Sandy Hook shooting in 2013 and after he delivers to the people ways that a mass shooting like this will never happen again. 

I believe these two videos will help me in my article because I will be getting horrific mass shooting events from Senator Gillibrand Speech and I will also be getting ways that gun violence can stop. From Obama’s speech I can get ways that the President of the US announced to put an end to gun violence with laws and acts.