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Introduction-Omar Mogollan

Hello everyone, my name is Omar and a student at citytech majoring in Computer Engineering. I have 2 years left in order to get my bachelors. During quarantine it was certainly tough at first considering my lab classes had items that us students didn’t have or knew where to get. But luckily some labs were able to be done via online simulations so it helped but it didn’t feel quite the same as doing it in person. But other labs were tougher and so they were skipped. Knowing that this fall we might return to citytech probably vía hybrid classes is kinda reassuring since I’ll be able to learn the labs for my major classes in more detail than while it was fully online.

Some of my hobbies consist of reading, listening to music and playing video games. This summer heat is certainly a bit too crazy for me since I prefer cold weather over hot weather.

Me with this summer heat

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Ha! I’m with you and the cat — I hate the heat! Good news is that the lab classes are pretty much all going to return as hybrid in the fall. GenEd like English and Math will still be online, last I heard, although that may change.

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