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Introduction – Ramanpreet Singh

Hello professor and classmates, my name is Ramanpreet Singh i am currently taking my third semester at New York City college of Technology. I am majoring in Construction Management. I am currently 18 years old but turning 19 in August 27. I’m going to be a sophomore at City Tech in the fall. Since the start of college career path i have not had the pleasure of experiencing the physical appearance at the City Tech campus due to Covid restrictions. The start of the pandemic and quarantine has deeply affected me because when the pandemic started i was a senior at Forest Hills High school in Forest Hills, Queens.

Since the government instilled online school, I did not have the opportunity to finish my senior year of high school in person, which did have a affect on me since i was not able to see or wish my friends from high school goodbye. Like many other students my age we were not able to experience high school prom or graduation due to Covid restrictions which was unfortunate. When college started for me in fall 2020 i was very confused on the situation because i needed help on how to operate blackboard and exactly what was needed from me. Since College operates much different than high school i needed to adjust to it pretty fast. I’ve also already had the chance to take English 101 during my senior year in High School.

Some of the hobbies i like to do in my free time consists of playing basketball at the park with my friends. I also do boxing and like to watch boxing, basketball and sometimes soccer. In addition, I enjoy playing video games on my PlayStation 4, Some of the games I enjoy playing are Call of Duty, NBA 2k, Fortnite and Rocket League. What i would like to improve on myself is working out more such as joining the gym and lifting weights to become more masculine, Although i am already somewhat fit i would like to be more muscular. I am looking forward to working with my fellow classmates and acquiring English knowledge from Professor Blain.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Somebody told me that your group — the “had to graduate and start college in a pandemic” students — are now Generation C (for Covid). I feel so bad for all of you, but thanks to the vaccine, we may well be starting to have in-person classes for some departments in the fall. Stay strong! And play on!

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