Jacquelyn Blain

Introduction – Racheal

I am Racheal Peprah and i lived in Brooklyn with my husband and three kids. I enrolled in Citytech a year ago doing my prerequisite for the nursing program. I am taking this class because is a required prerequisite for the nursing program which am aiming to enter the nursing program. This is my second session of this year summer class and am happy to have you all as my classmates for this class. I hope we all have a great and wonderful summer class. I enjoy cooking my local food and listening to music.


  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Hi Racheal. Nice to have you in a class with me! Lovely fabric btw.

    • Racheal Peprah

      Hi Ms Jachie
      Wonderful to be in your class and hope to do all my best in this class. Yes the fabric is lovely, Thanks. I get lot of compliment when I wear my African fabric so I love wearing them.

  2. L . Hamilton

    Hello Racheal,
    Wishing you the best in all your endeavors. I graduated from the nursing program here at City Tech, over 2 decades ago. I am back now obtaining my BSN though it has been awhile, i am pleased to be back. I enjoy and love this wonderful profession. I am trilled to learn your goal is also to become a nurse. More than ever the healthcare profession needs nurses. My passion is to train new nurses and see them grow into amazing healthcare professionals.

    • Racheal Peprah

      Hi Hamilton
      Am happy to have you as my classmate for this english class. I thank you so much for your well wishes and glad to get my senior colleage chat me. God bless you for your dedication in helping others and wish you the best in your BSN. I am also working towards that as well and hope to meet dedicated nurse like you to help train the new ones like myself.

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