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Introduction- Hamilton

Hello Professor and classmates,

My name is Lurline Hamilton. A student here at City Tech pursuing my Bachelorette degree in nursing. I have been a Registered Nurse now for over two decades. Since my children are now grown, I figured it is time to obtain my BSN. I am almost done, and hoping to graduate early 2022. My Plan is to earn a MSN degree afterwards. I enjoy been a nurse and feel privilege to serve in such a rewarding profession.

My hobbies are travelling, gardening and spending time with family. I am also the proud grandmother to Destiny, Jade, and Kodi a year old.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    I’m a grandmother, too! It’s the best. I also come from a medical family and know how important nurses are — my father, who was a surgeon, said he couldn’t have done his job without the scrub nurses to help him. So congratulations on your career and your new goal to get a degree.

    You might check on Racheal’s intro, too. She’s also involved in nursing and has three kids of her own.

    • L . Hamilton

      Hi Professor,
      Certainly I will check on Racheal’s introduction. So great to hear your father a surgeon and appreciated nurses. So many times nurses are unappreciated.

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