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Introduction – Ashiqul Islam Tuhin

Hello, everyone and Professor Blain. My name is Ashiqul Islam Tuhin. I like to prefer me call “Tuhin”. I am a sophomore student at New York City college of Technology. My major is Mechanical Engineering Technology. I really enjoy the classes of all the teachers in my college. I am trying my best to achieve my academic goals.

It’s Me……………………………….

I am from Bangladesh. I completed my high school from my native county. I moved U.S.A two years before. I am a self-dependent, self confidence and friendly person. I love to communicate with different culture and different community people. But I feel that my religious, ethnical and cultural values most closely align with those that are found in Bangladesh. I like to think about advance world. In feature, I hope that I would be a Great Engineer and researcher.

In my free time, I like to do 3D design and reading comic books and magazine. I also love traveling, fishing and playing football. My dream is that I want to design my own car. I already did different types of 3D design. I like to share my own design.

My person design fan

I always enjoy my English course because it continuously update myself. I believe that this summer English course help me to improve myself.


  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    I love your fan! Check out Omar’s Introduction — I think you have some interests in common (3-D design).

  2. Omar Faruk

    Hi, Tuhin nice to meet you. I am Omar Faruk. I also like to design 3d model. It’s a great fan model.

    • Ashiqul I Tuhin

      Nice to meet with you Omar. Thank you.

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