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Wanting more kids

I have two children, being a single mom their entire life, I made a choice at the age of 25 to no longer have more after my second child. “oh boy”, I laugh now because that has all changed.

Women all over the world have children. Women also make the choice to make a decision to no longer have more children and by doing so they tie their tubes.
After not knowing how much regret this might cause them over time because either two things can occur.

1. They thought that the person they were planning to be with, with the current children they have would be their forever so the split or/and they made a choice to no longer have kids but then change their minds.

2. They end up meeting someone new who they fall in love with and that new partner may or may not have kids of their own, so they feel a disconnect because now they wont be able to create life together.

By all these thoughts and not knowing, “hey, I would want more kids because I love being a mom and I want to create more life.” How can we do this? Fertility doctors have been growing more and more advance with the care to help couples make their dreams come true.

Robotic Tubal Sterilization Reversal also called Tubal Reanastomosis. This allows a doctor to go in and see if they are able to take the tubes that are tied, clipped, or cut and put them back together.
Who would have ever thought by doing something you might regret can be fixed. Obviously there are all pro’s and con’s that come with this and I plan on giving you the details of this new information that has just open my eyes but has been around for years.


  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Wow. This couldn’t be more timely! I’m really interested in reading this one.

    • Anonymous

      I just posted so enjoyed the read. 🙂

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