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Is Elon Musk Good For America?

Paragraph 1: The answer to this question is a very hot topic in discourse communities discussing Elon Musk and all of the various technologies that Tesla has contributed to the world. But why does his name invoke arguments, conspiracy theories, and genuine celebrations of hope and thankfulness?
Paragraph 2: America is a sort of a mixed bag of chips. When you open the bag you see chips but you also see pretzels mixed in with it which you obviously hate. You don’t have to spend time separating the pretzels from the chips. So is there evidence to show that Elon musk has a genuine heart toward America? Is there a piece of clear evidence that he is bad for the country and the world and that people are turning a blind eye because he’s a multi-billionaire? Just as Jeff Bezos created Amazon and has literally changed the online shopping experience on a global level, it is Elon Musk who is using the technology his companies produce to change the global quality of life.
Paragraph 3: Elon Musk and his companies have a massive global footprint and for this reason, there is a natural appeal to governments and policymakers as well as to the business community and individuals who follow technology in various discourse communities both online and in person. Perhaps not enough people are aware enough to have a sufficient appreciation for the technologies that are being brought into existence. This article could be a good opportunity to educate the public as to what pre-existing problems are provoking a problem-solving response from Elon Musk and his companies to exist. Are they achieving success at solving these problems? My target audience will be people who do not like Elon Musk.
Paragraph 4: I think that I am a suitable candidate to write this article because I have followed this particular community for several years. I will be also using feedback from folks who are posting their thoughts on this question both directly and indirectly. Ultimately the goal is to provide a meaningful answer to the question asked in the article.

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    Just thought that it was worth mentioning that 2 hours ago I posted this question on Reddit.com. Over 5000 people have viewed the question with 18 responses and counting. Click on the link below if the unfolding discussion is of interest. “Is Elon Musk Good For America?”

    Is Elon Musk Good For America? I think he is. What about you? from elonmusk

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