For my revision plan, I have to work on both of my essays. I thought they were fine but I have mistakes that need to be corrected. In the first unit assignment, I mainly got comments on my grammar issues. Also, I have to change some of my sentences to make it more clear to the readers. This is a chance for me to catch up on my mistakes and fix them. My classmates and the professors commented on my assignments this helps so much to improve my writing. Also, it would allow me to express myself more. 

Some of the things I feel needs revision are mainly my grammar. In my first unit assignment, I don’t have to change much I just need to fix my grammar and break up my paragraphs. In my second unit assignment, a lot of things need to be fixed. I have to rewrite my second unit assignment because it’s unclear. I wrote an academic essay that I was not supposed to write about. I got so many comments from the professor that helped me to fix my issue. Feedback was very helpful.

In my unit one assignment, I got run-on sentences. After I finished writing my essay I did not even read at least once, because I wrote my essay on the last day so I did not have time to look back at my mistakes. It’s better to read the essay out loud at least one time. For the unit one assignment, I will work on my grammar I have too many grammar mistakes. 

In the second unit assignment, I have to rewrite the whole essay because it is unclear to the reader. My topic was “Religion” it ended up being an academic essay that I was not supposed to write about. I never can concentrate on one thing while writing an essay I will end up writing about something else. So, I will be working on those problems. Also, I got very helpful feedback from the professor which will help me to improve my writing skills. I have a chance to fix my mistakes and get a better grade on my assignments. Hopefully, I will do better this time. 

I might change my topic for my second unit assignment because I’m not satisfied with the topic. I’m planning on writing about something else.