The purpose and goals for my project when I started was to make people understand some of the stuff that I been through during the pandemic,how I coped with it and how it made me feel . The reason I want them to know what I have been through because there are many people who faced bad circumstances during this pandemic and I wanted to show them that they are not alone going through these hard times. The reason I choosed to do a comic because it can catch the auidence attention and also it is something short and sweet. I could’nt choose from the other genres because I did not have much pictures and videos so this was the best for me. Some of the problems I thought I would have run into was running out of ideas and I also wanted to do a different genere at first but changed my mind after doing doing my reasearch and seeing what resources I have.

The good thing about this project is that it is short and simple and I am using real life scenarios to do it. The bad parts about it was trying to find out what would be the best genre and what would be the best thing to write about. Some of the choices I made for my project was deciding what was the best genre for me. At first I wanted to do a video essay or even a photo essay but then realized I did not had any resources for those things such videos or pictures .

Some of the things that I think that is good in my project were the graphics and how well the comic was layed out. Also how I showed different occasions and not just one. Some of the things I could have done better was having dialect with persons to make my comic more interesting and to have the auidence more engaged.The reason I say this is because I am not having any conversations with anyone but myself. If people were to publish this comic for people to see it would be on a website were people can see what people are going through this global pandemic.