The project I had to writhe was about the past year of 2020 which was very unique year for everybody in this world, but it had to be specifically about me, during this strange year. We all did face the unexpected life event past year and people all over the world experienced in a different ways. People were sad, disappointed and some were trying to make the best out of their lives. Keep themselves positive and creative. I personally firs was very scared and lost because everything changed immediately and it happened very very fast. Now I was trapped in one room in Brooklyn and I somehow had to adapted it.

My purpose for this project was to share my life dooring the pandemic, how I tried my best to make the stressful times more positive and relaxing. Before the pandemic I could not stand being home, I would feel restless and anxious. I always thought that I was wasting my time and loosing an opportunity of seeing and observing something beautiful outside. Most of my time I was spending in school or at work, but if I had a free time I would go to Chelsea in the city and visit me favorite galleries, or to the prospect park in Brooklyn or I would just enjoy watching sunset from the Dumbo park. You never know what to expect from life, so we always have to be ready to fight back. The past year’s circumstances changed my daily life and changed me in different ways. Instead of going out now I was home and somehow I had to keep myself busy. Firs what I had to do was to creative very good vibes in my room, where I would be spending most of my time for at least one year. I did my best dooring the pandemic and I would say it was a great experiment. I learned a lot, enjoyed the small things such as cooking, decorating, planting and many more. a video assay was my choice because I wanted the audience to actually see how did I kept myself busy. I have a lots of pictures and some of the videos taken in 2020 for my memories, but it came out very handy for this project, which was great. It is different when you hear someone’s story and when you actually see and plus hear it.

First, I thought about doing a photo essay since I had a lots of pictures, but then I imagined how nice it would be to tell my story with a nice background music and show some videos and pictures. I thought that it would tell the story well. The one concern about a video essay was that I did not have experience with making videos. I’d never tried and did not know how it worked.

I knew what I was going to be writing about, no I had to collect all my pictures and videos from the past year. I went to my photo gallery and I made a one folder where I moved all the pictures I wanted to use. After I brought them to the compute, organized them and putted in to the order. Before starting creating the video I watched tutorials, which took a quite of time to figure out how it worked. I putted the images and videos in order and exported to the “Abode Primer Pro” were I was going to put voice over and a music as a background. I wrote down the text I was going to say during the video. For that I had to record first. Matching my words to the text took a some time, but at the end it worked out nicely. I had my pictures and video slides running well with my voice over and now I had to find a good melody for the background music. I started searching some free music on YouTube, but I did not really liked anything. I asked my friend for help and he shared the melody of the song with me. The song’s name is ” Feeling Good” and it is one of my favorite songs from the bend “John The Martyr”. I was happy that everything was going well and I was more exited that I was learning something new. At the end I was done with my video essay and I was surprised with the result.

I thing at this level the video came out not bad, but I would definitely work on my speech. I have never done recording my voice and it sounded a little bit weird. I think it was more my accent. I did not sound confident. I also think that some writings on the slides would be nice as well. As a challenge for the video essay I thing it is editing, but also using different programs to assembly a video. The music you bring it in for background, slides and recording should match each other in length. For the pictures some has to be speeded up in order to fallow the recording and music. In all it is a time consuming, but not difficult to work on.

The conditions where people would experience the video would be YouTube and social medias where they would be able to watch and share with others, get inspired and motivated. My goal in this video is to tell people that we should be ready for a difficult times , never give up, fight back and make best out of it. Life is short and we have no time to complain ad be depressed. We should cheer up each other, inspire with a great thing and learn how to make a life beautiful in your own, even in a difficult times.