I began this project with the goal of sharing some personal experiences with the class as well as current events around the world. And I decided to do it through a podcast since I figured it was the most meaningful way to express how I felt about the topic. In addition, I have always wanted to start a podcast and figured this would be a perfect way to start. Of course, I knew it would be difficult since I had never done one of these before, and my mind was already showing me all the negative things that could happen, such as my voice not being good, not knowing how I would record it, and not knowing if it would ever turn out the way I envisioned it So, after hours of re-thinking and having a debate, I decided to just do it to see how it turns out, and I prepared for it. I had my two friends with me when I initially started, and I was googling and figuring out how to initiate a podcast before actually setting up the mic and saying, “Let’s see how it goes.” At first, the three of us were messing things up, causing us to restart, which was a headache. But after that, we just began having a real conversation about our lives, without using a script or any guidelines, so we learned quite a bit about each other while chatting, and it was actually going pretty well. We recorded for nearly 20 minutes, and I was satisfied with the results, so they left. When I began listening to it and realized there were a couple of instances where the conversation was moving too slowly or there were a lot of mistakes, so I decided I would have to cut them all out. That was the most difficult aspect of the whole podcast because I sat there for over four hours editing every little error and or long pause I noticed. It was a true test of my patience and there were times when I considered just saying forget it and posting the podcast as it is. But my heart wouldn’t let me because I wanted it to be my best work and I didn’t want to have any remorse after submitting it, like worrying about how I could’ve done it differently if I had spent some more time or something. So I forced myself just to finish all of the editing and music, and turned it into something that was genuinely enjoyable to listen to. The most rewarding moment was when I completed all of the editing, added some cool cover art, and sat down to listen to it for the thousandth time, and it sounded pretty good. I was absolutely delighted at how well it worked out, and I was extremely pleased with myself. At the end of the day, I could sit here and complain that I wish I wouldn’t have spent four hours editing or that I wish the conversations had progressed a little more smoothly. But, to be honest, I loved it all and I wouldn’t have been as pleased or proud of myself if I hadn’t worked extremely hard on that podcast. It’s really the hard work that goes in getting the ultimate result that makes everything we do worthwhile. This was a fantastic experience for me, and I’m glad I took a chance on doing the podcast because I really do want to make more and share them with the world.