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Mini Proposal – Abigail Branch

One thing I greatly noticed that has occurred during the pandemic was the increase of money I spent through online shopping. I haven’t really noticed that I had a shopping obsession until recently when my parents told me to take a break from using my credit card so that we would be able to finish renovate our kitchen. It made me wonder if I was truly going over the boundaries of spending. Throughout the pandemic I have been substantially impulse buying clothes, perfume and makeup as a way to cope. Especially since I have been watching clothing hauls on Youtube and clothing pins on Pinterest as a way of entertainment. My first thought is often I need to have it. During my free time I have spent my time imagining all the appealing outfits I would wear once the pandemic is fully over. Some stores I plan to focus on are my favorite stores such as Fashion Nova,  Macy’s, American Eagle, SHEIN, Forever 21, Vans, Amazon, PINK, Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Guess and many more.

I think a photo essay would suit this topic well because I plan to include pictures of some purchases I made during the pandemic and receipts of how much they cost. It would be quite interesting to see how I will put this together and I hope to be able to put myself in my parents’ perspective of what they have to deal with having a ‘fashionista’ daughter.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Love this! Things you bought plus receipts — wonderful idea. The challenge will be making sure it tells a story, but that should be fun.

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