The issue that I am going to talk about is the breaking of social distancing rules. On January 30th,2020 the COVID 19 virus outbreak occurred. Over 2million people died from this virus and people are out here are still risking with their lives. People have been disobeying the rules that was set by the WHO(World Health Organization). People are breaking the rules by going over the limit, people are not wearing their masks and also people are still having parties. What I would like to know why people are breaking these rules, is it going on longer because people are not following them? .How long would this go on for.

I think I can be someone who writes about this because I can relate to it. It’s not just affecting me it’s affecting everyone in the world. I have known a quite few people who was diagnosed with the virus and some who also died. This is important for people to know because it can be someone you know or even you self just because of disobeying the rules. The audience that I am targeting to write this for is people who likes to go out to events during the pandemic. I would like them to know the outcome of this. The place I would choose to publish this article is on a social media platform because a lot of people today uses social media platforms because of the pandemic and also a lot of them are always posting stuff when there out. The kind of sources that I would use are statistics of how much people died and diagnosed, how can the virus be prevented. I can tell them stories about how it started and even some of the symptoms that people have experienced. I can also interview people that I know who survived the COVID-19 virus.