This video is really good for my research about physical inactivity because I want to inform people on where to begin. The journey on being more active is not a easy ride so I want someone to see what type of workouts they could do. They can also find out information about what working out can do to your body. This source is a short and simple way to get you fueled up and started. Why working out matters is because you can become more healthier in your lifestyle. This is very useful because its a good way to get someone motivated. The hardest part about being more active is starting to be active. What I mean by this is that people don’t have a motive on where to begin when they want to have a more physical active lifestyle. So another way is showing a short and simple video on what working out can do for your body, then you can work your way around it and be more active. Things like being physically inactive can cause major problems to your health such as causing depression. These little things can affect your life for a very long time and that’s not what I want.