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The New York Times article, “Helping Bullies and the Bullied” by Joy Alter Hubel, goes into a program called the Child Abuse Prevention Services. This is a three day program given to children so that they can understand more about bullying, even though it isn’t a high chance for a normal kid to become a bully or get bullied the 80% who stay idly by would be reduced with this program.

The research article, “Classroom Management, Bullying and Teaching Practices” by Kathleen P. Allen from the University of Rochester goes into depth about bullying in the classroom environment, teaching practices, management of classes, and overall student behavior. This article has many references and research material from different fields that have variables that would create environments where bullying is more likely to occur. In addition, the variables can include harsh disciplinary actions whether parental or school involved as well as how classrooms are organized, taught and regulated overall.

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    Nice mix of sources. These should really help you with your longer article in particular.

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