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sources Israt Jahan

“What is Food Insecurity” Hunger+Health.

“What is Food Insecurity” is about what food insecurity is and the people/communities that it affects.. I believe it will be pretty useful since it gives a good definition of food insecurity and how it affects people in America. 


Breene, Keith. “Food security and why it matters” 18, Jan, 2016. World Economic Forum.

“Food security and why it matters” is about what food insecurity is and how it affects the world using statistics and evidence to give proof. I believe this is very useful because it give real facts and information about food insecurity that I can use and learn more about. 

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    These are really interesting sources. I just learned about the WEC myself, and it’s certainly got a lot of good information. Nice work on this

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