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There are many problems in the world. Some of the problems are difficult to deal with and some are ease to solve. Humankind has always been living with it and it will be hard to believe someone saying , that she or he has a life without problems. You think that you are over it one day and next day you are facing another, new problem, but this is life. We should be always ready to fight back, be strong and never give up. Some people are too weak to deal with it and the problem becomes even bigger and then it really becomes hard to solve it. If we ignore small problems they become big which are difficult to solve. The three problems I choose are Ignorance, Global Warming and Covid-19 pandemic. These are the once of the other major problems I am concerned about.

The definition of Ignorance in the dictionary is ” Lack of knowledge or information”, it means that we avoid answering questions because we don’t know how to answer. I also think, that we ignore things because it might be to difficult to deal with it. Life would be so much easier and we would not be facing problems if we would never ignore them. Because of ignorance our planet is suffering, the planet which has more than seven billion people living on and more than 8 million species. If we don’t stop ignoring the problems which causing Global Warming we all will be facing serious problems.

Global Warming is caused by us, humans. The Industrial Revolution made big changes in world wide. People were happy with innovations, job opportunities, cheaper products, public transportation. The Industrial Revolution brought a number of positive social changes, but it impacted the environment. By that time know one thought about polluting air by burning fuel and chemicals in factories, producing green house gasses by cars and aircrafts burning fossil fuel, as well as water transportation polluting oceans. In beginning of 19th century scientists noticed climate change and over the years there has been many scientific examinations and researched about climate change and found that climate on the planet was slowly changing. There were many skepticism ignoring the problem the world was facing, but there were people who took is seriously and banned using products such as CFCs, which were used in refrigerators, in aerosols and in foaming agents containing toxic chemicals. Unfortunately there are more major problems, that cause climate change, such as deforestation, transportation, farming, use of plastic and toxic materials. We should act and seriously start thinking how to save our planet. Raising of water, rain storms and fire every year is caused by global warming. Animals are dying because of climate change also large scale human migration is happening because of natural disasters. People who are in the power should find solutions so we can all work and help the planet to survive.

Covid-19 pandemic is one of the problems in the world. 2020 was very challenging year for the world. We lost many people in the pandemic which is very devastating for everyone and especially for the families who has experienced it. Everything in the world shifted different way. It was hard for people to adapt the new life. Stress, confusion loosing of jobs and many more. I personally lost a job, couldn’t go to my country to see my family and one of the major problem from this pandemic has been online classes. From beginning it was very difficult to get use to it like everybody else in the world, then I became more comfortable with it, but I wish I could go back to the school and have physical classes. I know professors are trying really hard to make classes easy, but I think online education is not as effective as in person. I hope that everything will go back to normal very soon. We will be free from facemasks and interact with people without fear. The only good thing that happened dooring the pandemic is that ozone hole started shrinking when all the transportation and factories stopped working.

When world is facing problems like Climate Change and Pandemic we can not be ignorant. We should act and do our best to solve and overcome the problems. We should not be trying to do less bed, we should try to do out best.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Interesting! Obviously they all go together, so it will be important to pick an audience and focus what you’re doing toward that audience. Nice.

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