Through the process of writing this portrait the hardest part was to find what word/phrase I should use because usually I think of these words/phrases unconsciously and it just happens without me even knowing it. So it was hard to be conscious of the word/phrase and actually understand what I think about it. The easiest part would be literally writing about the prase because I just had to type on my computer which was the easiest thing to do since I’ve been doing it a lot since online learning started. I also had to do 2-3 drafts for the Portrait. The first one was of all my ideas. The second one was a short version of the portrait. The last one was the long draft of the portrait. While doing the workshop I learned what was important to me and it felt a bit weird because I never really have the time or thought about the things that were important to me other than family and school. The revisions I want to make in my essay would be to make it more organized and not all over the place so my readers will understand what I’m talking about. I also want to make it more simple and understanding because my phrase is connected to many of my thoughts so it’s like a chain of thoughts and ideas so I have to make it simple and explain how the things are connected to each other.